First Set ... (6:00 - 7:00)

She Belongs To Me (A) 

Mercury Blues (E) ( one Short solo over E) 

Thousand Miles From Nowhere (short solos) right into.....

Up On Cripple Creek (A) (Greg starts)

For What It's Worth (E) (right into...)

Hot Rod Heart (E)

I Can't Understand (Am)

Givin' It Up For Your Love (C)

The Letter (Am)

Franklins Tower (A)

Fly Like an Eagle (Am) 

Brandy (E) .... hold final E into...

Doctor My Eyes (E)

BREAK 7:00 - 7:20


Rockin' Second Set (7:20 - 9:00)

Pretty Woman ( Greg Starts )

Move It On Over (George Thorogood) (G)( Marc Starts )

Wild Night ( Drummers and Sonny Starts, Then Marc )

Always On My Mind (Marc Starts)

Burnin' Love (A) (Tommy rocks the start) ......

Into The Mystic (Eb)

Fast as You ( Marc Starts )

Roll The Dice (G) (MarC Starts) 

Turn On Your Lovelight  (E) 

You Got Lucky (Am) 

(drums start ).... Honky Tonk Women (G)  / Brown Sugar (C)

Run Around Sue (D)

Dancing' In The Dark (A)

Sister Golden Hair (E)

American Girl (D) (Marc and Greg Start)

Bertha (G) ..... 

Encore *******************

Squeeze Box (G)