Set 1 9:00 - 10:10 one hour, 10 min ...12 songs

 Beast of Burden (E) 

A Thousand Miles From Nowhere (C )

Up On Cripple Creek (A) (Drummer Starts)

Take Me To The River (D)

Sombody's Cryin' (E)

For What It's Worth (E) (right into...

Mercury Blues (E) ( one Short solo over E)

Brown Sugar (C)

You Got Lucky (Am)

I Can't Understand (Am)

Bertha (G)

Brandy (E) .... hold final E into..

Doctor My Eyes (E)



Break 10:10 - 10:30 20 min



Set 2 (10:30 - 12:00) hour, 30 min. ...15 songs

Pretty Woman ( Greg Starts )

Move It On Over (George Thorogood) (G)( Marc Starts )

Folsom Prison-Pinball Wizard Blues (E)

Fast as You ( Marc Starts )

Always On My Mind (Marc Starts)

Wild Night ( Sonny Starts, Then Marc )

C'est La Vie (C) (Marc rocks the start) ......

Roll The Dice (MarC Starts) into... 

Cover Me (Bm)

Goin' Down (A)

That's the Way Love Goes (E) (right into .... )

Turn On Your Lovelight  (E) 

Franklin's Tower (A)

Honky Tonk Women (G) (cowbell start)

Run Around Sue (D)

Sister Golden Hair (E)

Dancing' In The Dark (A) 


Squeeze Box (G)